Welcome to the Ohio Veterans Bonus Program Web Site

You Served. Now Let Ohio Say Thanks. Are you an Afghanistan Era Vet? The Ohio Veterans Bonus program offers a bonus for military service since October 7, 2001. Once a veteran has received $500 for service anywhere in the world or $1,000 for service in a designated country, or the maximum $1,500 bonus, the veteran is not eligible for additional funds, even if they served in multiple conflicts.

Run the ELIGIBILITY TOOL to determine if you may qualify for the benefit.

SUBMIT an application ON-LINE. (In addition to submitting the application on-line, you will need to mail your documentation and signature page.)

CHECK the STATUS of your application

We strongly encourage using the on-line application tool as it reduces application processing time. However, if you wish to submit a handwritten application form:

Veterans and Current Service Members can print the application form for Veterans and Current Service Members.

Family members applying for the bonus can print the application form for family members.

You can also visit your local County Veterans Service Office (CVSO) for an application and/or to request a DD-214 or make changes to a DD-214. View a list of all CVSO locations.

The deadlines to apply for the Persian Gulf (8/2/1990-3/3/1991) and Iraq (3/19/2003-12/31/2011) Bonus have expired.